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What to Bring

These trips encourage presence with the natural world, each other and self, allowing you freedom from digital addictions. We suggest a cell phone and computer free time. 


Bring your open, friendly, loving heart and mind. You will always feel safe in Morocco and our guides handle any unwanted issues with the warmest care. The propaganda surrounding "Muslims" is unfounded here. I currently live in Morocco and never incur any trouble with the locals, whatsoever. They love you.  


Ladies...dress respectful and modest. I always feel best covering my knees, chest, and shoulders. You are not expected to "cover" as they do. It's helpful keeping a scarf close by. Inexpensive beautiful scarves are abundant in Morocco. A pair of leggings and a loose fitting tunic style top fit nicely around the towns. I like wearing long skirts. Wool caps and warmer clothes (think layering) for winter months. 


Men can wear just about anything. I suggest longer shorts, t-shirts, long loose fitting pants. Layering in the winter months with cap and warm clothes.

Sensible shoes. I wear boots around town and go barefoot in the Desert. Plastic sandals for the Hammam (bath house) can be bought very cheaply in Morocco. Sandals and flats are ok too if that is what you are accustomed to. Otherwise, any broken in shoe/sneaker/boot is recommended.  


Thermal underwear is a must for the desert nights camping out in the dunes. The weather is warm/hot in the day and it can get very very cold on winter nights.  


Camera and journal. Record your experiences. Plastic bags for cameras for the desert experience. You never know when a dust storm may kick up. Ever see the movie "Hidalgo?" You may want to bring a cushioned bag for the more delicate professional cameras.  


Sunscreen with high SPF. Buy it at home. You can buy it here but it can cost twice the price.  


There are two things I find invaluable on a journey... my super size Micronet travel towel and my "Civita" money belt. I found both at Rick Steve's Travel Shop online. It's a dabber towel and not a rubber towel so if you like to rub yourself dry this isn't for you. I got use to it and the dabbing method dries very well because the fiber is very absorbing. It's lightweight and dries super fast. The money belt fits around the waist under your clothes and fits passport, money and important cards nicely. 


You will see many beautiful items that you fall in love with. You can either bring an empty suitcase with you, buy one here or plan on shipping things back home.   


As of September 2022, Covid vaccines or PCR tests are not required to enter Morocco. Any medications you need, diarrhea medicine, aspirin ... your own small medicine kit may be useful. Regular pharmacies are available. Personally, I visit the local herbalist and he concocts something for me that heals my issues quite well. Homeopathy is available in Morocco but not readily - I suggest you bring your own. 


Patience. Be prepared for last minute changes.    

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