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Luisa Tommaselli Alaoui

Soul Photographer

"My love affair with Morocco began thirty years ago. My first trip with a friend sparked a deep passion that overwhelms me at times. I've explored Marrakech to Tangier via the foot of the Rif Mountains, sometimes choosing to travel alone. Throughout I find a land of varying exquisite terrains accompanied by fascinating people and a welcoming culture."

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"I reveal my love of Morocco through my photographs. I transfer my deepest emotions for the land and its people."

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"I especially love to wander in the ancient Medinas. For me, they hold magic. Their Riads drip with peace and beauty. The colours shatter my eyes, my senses intoxicated with exotic fragrances, and celestial flavours."

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My love of Morocco has inspired a large body of photographic work. My intention is to transfer the deep emotion I feel for this land and its people, through the image onto the viewer. I step outside of my comfort zone and excite the adventurer in me. It's an ethereal existential approach to photography which simply put, stirs pure and utter joy in my soul.

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"I am excited and honoured to be invited by Ahu to co-host this incredible journey for you. Re-ignite your senses in a land which is not only strikingly beautiful but whirs with mystical wonder."

Love, Luisa

Luisa is available throughout the journey to share with you her editing tips for creating your soul photograph. As a bonus, you have the opportunity to have your soul portrait taken by her which she will edit in her special way and send to you after you arrive back home. 

"Sanctuary" painting by Luisa Tommeselli Alaoui

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